100% Honeybush 100% PURE, the Cape’s best kept secret.

In the spring, the slopes of the South African mountains around Cape Town turn yellow with the blossoming Honeybush. The soft honey aroma of the flowers, which the shrub is named after, fills the spring air. It is time to harvest.

KAAP BOSSIE stands for honest, natural and organic 100% Honeybush products. The Honeybush plant (Cyclopia spp.) that grows wild on the hills and mountains to the north of Cape Town is a native shrub characteristic for its lush yellow flowers that emit a sweet, honey-like scent. This characteristic honey scent and light honey flavour in honeybush tea has ensured that the English call the shrub ‘Honeybush’. For hundreds of years the healing power of this cape shrub has been recognised by, among others, the indigenous people, the Khoisan. Several years ago science also discovered this miracle plant, identifying its nutritious components and proven healing powers. Take advantage of the valuable properties of this beneficial herb.

Vonne, Cape Town, South Africa:
My daughter, Elaine, had a milk allergy as a baby. The doctor advised me to give her 100% Honeybush tea with a little honey in it along with soya milk. The result was amazing. She drank bottles of Honeybush Tea and became a happy, calm baby. I continued giving it to her, because it is also good for strong bones and teeth.

The KAAP BOSSIE Honeybush is high quality. The connected KAAP BOSSIE farmers in the Cape region grow wild, uncultivated Honeybush shrubs on the hills of the mountains. Without using pesticides!!! They let Honeybush fully grow the traditional way, full of love and care for 5 years. During that time, the plant can take in all the resources, minerals and nutrients ​​of the African country. This is in contrast to many bush plants such as Rooibos, which is harvested after 1 year and is often treated with pesticides.

Good traits

Honeybush is a beneficial herb. The processed shrub is often used to make tea (KAAP BOSSIE 100% Honeybush tea, Special tea for kids and Ice Tea), but can also be found in products such as soaps (KAAP BOSSIE Honeybush/Jojoba soap). At all times Honeybush keeps its active ingredients and good qualities in each product. Honeybush is rich in minerals and antioxidants, low in tannic acid and contains no caffeine. Honeybush is known for slowing down troubled cells, preventing menopausal symptoms, improving digestion and maintaining and supporting of your body’s resistances. Therefore, the 100% organic KAAP BOSSIE Honeybush is excellent against coughs, colds and for reducing intestinal cramps. Additional benefits: Honeybush slows aging and is soothing! Honeybush also helps if you want to lose weight.

Organic products

KAAP BOSSIE offers you the best of South Africa. Delicious, mildly sweet KAAP BOSSIE 100% Honeybush Tea, KAAP BOSSIE 100% Honeybush Tea for Kids and the super refreshing KAAP BOSSIE Ice Tea. Products that each have the superior Honeybush quality. Soon our range will also include, pure organic KAAP BOSSIE Honeybush/Jojoba soap and real pure KAAP BOSSIE honey. Keep an eye on the website!

Take full advantage of the wonderful gifts of Mother Nature.